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WELCOME and THANK YOU for visiting our website -
the information centre for PRAYING THE KEEILLS
on the Isle of Man

PRAYING THE KEEILLS week in 2017 will take place between Sat 20th - Sat 27th May. We shall be sharing together as we journey on foot, by car and public transport exploring sacred sites, learning about our Celtic and spiritual heritage and enjoy fun and fellowship together. Do join us as we journey. Our theme will be based around pilgrimage.


This will be our 12th successive year! We are planning a variety of events across the Island, including day-time and evenings walks of varied lengths, music, an evening coach trip, refreshments, and lots of fellowship. For those with lots of energy, the week will begin and end with all-day walks!

The ancient keeill sites are often found in areas of particular natural beauty and in such surroundings it is a common experience to sense something of the presence of God. Why not set aside some time to join in this special week?

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2016 will be our eleventh "PRAYING THE KEEILLS" WEEK. Look on our ACTIVITIES tag to see the programme for this year's events. Click below to visit our Facebook page.

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Explore the GALLERY to view photos taken during PRAYING THE KEEILLS weeks. Click the link below to see our Facebook gallery.

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This year, 2016, Keeills Week starts on Saturday 21st May and finishes on Saturday 28th May. We will travel on foot, by car, by coach and by train to visit ancient Christian sites where we will join our prayers with those of our ancestors.

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If you are a newcomer to PRAYING THE KEEILLS the NEWS, PROGRAMME OF ACTIVITIES, SPECIAL EVENTS and GALLERY pages will give you a real flavour of what to expect if you join us on a walk or at an event - where there's always a warm welcome for everyone.

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